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This database contains information collected by the BFI since 1933. It holds over 800,000 film titles – including television programmes, documentaries, newsreels, as well as educational and training films – and is updated daily. However, less than 50% of listed titles are actually represented in our collections, therefore the database only partially relates to physical material.

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Understanding your search results

These symbols on search results indicate materials held in the BFI collections.

    film or video materials held in the BFI National Archive

    articles held in the BFI Reuben Library

    books held in the BFI Reuben Library

    scripts, documents and ephemera held in BFI Special Collections

   on the right of a record - indicates that no film or video materials are held in the BFI National Archive

This symbol on search results indicates that the work has been published on one of the BFI's platforms or released on DVD or Blu-ray

    publication on BFI platform / release

These symbols on search results indicate digital resources available to view in the web interface.

    digital moving image

    digital image of photographic still

    digital image of poster or design

    pdf document of press cutting or bfi southbank programme notes


The information reflects the cultural and programming activities of the BFI and has been collected from a variety of sources; it therefore includes historical data that reflects the time in which it was written. We are continuously improving the quality of the information and changes are being fed through on a regular basis. Any information contained therefore needs to be read with care. There may be mistakes and omissions and in some instances BFI staff may not have checked a record since its creation. In many cases there is more data to be added, whilst in some this is all we know or all the information we ever intend to capture.